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One of the most popular home technology product lines these days is multi-room audio. In the last few years the product offerings have exploded ... and with good reason. Us old hippies love our music ... and now that the kids have moved out we have a few extra bucks to spend. Do not underestimate the amount of wire that it takes to install the system ... and also the mess that is made if you are working in an existing home. But believe me it's worth every bit of it once you have your favorite music playing all over the house.

Multi Room audio can come in many forms and these days there are many options available.

# A basic system would involve wiring to speakers in multiple locations and controlling them from the source (amplifier). All volume and source control occurs at the source so all zones play the same music at the same volume. This is not a great solution for obvious reasons.

# The next level would be to add local volume control to this basic system. This is the minimum configuration that gives local control and it works for many simple applications and is relatively inexpensive ... but you are still limited to one source of music in all of the rooms ... and you can't change anything but the volume without a walk to the source.

# Add an IR (InfraRed) receiver and to the volume control and you have rudimentary control of the source. This will allow you to use a remote control to switch sources etc. and basically control the source equipment from your location. All rooms must still listen to the same source however.

# Multi Zone / Multi Source systems offer much more flexibility. These systems have a separate amplifier for each zone and a keypad in each room allows control of not only the volume etc. but also the sources. Now you can have different music playing in different rooms.

# Of course the choices don't end here. There are many ways to achieve Multi Zone / Multi Source control and the costs rise as the flexibility of the system and user interfaces improve.